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Virginia Conservation Assistance Program (VCAP)

In Response to The COVID 19 Virus, We will not complete any site visits until The Commonwealth of Virginia lifts the current restrictions.  We thank you in advance for your patience! 

Virginia Dare SWCD would like to welcome our new Independent Contractor, VCAP Coordinator Clay Bernick.  Mr. Bernick will be working with our Conservation Specialist Cory Hoar on VCAP applications.

We are pleased to announce!! The Virginia Conservation Assistance Program is open for sign up!

Please take time to view the VCAP Brochure.

vcap brochures

Virginia conservation assistance program pre site visit

VCAP Program Coordinator: Conservation Specialist Cory Hoar, choar@vbgov.com

VCAP Independent Contractor Coordinator: Clay Bernick, cbernickiii@gmail.com

District Manager: ksulliva@vbgov.com


*The District is accepting Resumes for The Independent Contractors for VCAP.  Please see the job description.*

VCAP Coordinator Position Job Description Final