Cynthia Pridmore Scholarship Winners Announced!

The Virginia Dare SWCD is pleased to announce the Cynthia Pridmore Scholarship has been awarded to 5 High Schools students in Virginia Beach and Chesapeake.

The Pridmore Scholar award will continue to provide the scholarship to our recipient who attends NC State University. The Pridmore Scholar is a student who has shown exceptional work in their community and will major in a field of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences, Education or Conservation of our Natural Resources. We follow them through 4 years of undergraduate studies!

Congratulations to our former Scholar who just completed his undergraduate degree from Virginia Tech!

Graduating High School Students from Chesapeake and Virginia Beach may apply for our $2000 Scholarship.

The Cynthia Pridmore Scholarship was established in honor of Cynthia Pridmore, a former District Director who believed students should be awarded scholarships not only based on academics but for their community work, their dedication to the environment, community activities that help to conserve our natural resources. The scholarship also takes in consideration the financial needs of the applicant.

The Scholarship winners will attend, Virginia Tech University, Virginia State University, Sweet Briar College, and NC State University.

They will major in Environmental Sciences, Animal and Poultry Sciences, Agri Business, Packaging and System Design for Sustainable Product and Packaging and Biochemistry with an emphasis on Biodiversity!

Congratulations to all of our scholarship recipients! We are looking forward to the great works and the impact that you will have on our soil and water and all related natural resources!!

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